Permanent Make Up FAQs

/Permanent Make Up FAQs


Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning permanent makeup.  Should you have any questions that you don’t see answered, please get in touch.


Dependant on the original pigment used and the area to be treated, there are several successful ways to remove make up, although it can be time consuming and sometimes painful dependant on the method.

Most areas can be corrected, unless the pigment is totally in the wrong place, then removal is the best option.

Yes male pattern baldness can be treated.

Dependant on the reason for the treatment, there will be little or no sensitivity post treatment.

Breast treatments last for several years.

Yes, I do discount multiple procedures.  Contact me for details.

Several years, although colour boost treatments will be required eventually if you wish to keep the colour fresh.

As with all treatments, I take my time, a full face can certainly be done in a day, expect to be with me for four to five hours, this is not all tattooing time, but I like to draw perfect eyebrows and lip.

As with lips, eye treatments last for several years.

It is possible to have permanent eye shadow, although I do not recommend this procedure as fashions change, and as the skin changes over time, the eyeshadow will probably not look that great.

Eyelash enhancement is very natural, as opposed to eyeliner, the pigment is implanted within the lashes, it looks beautiful every time.

Lip procedures do have a very long life, usually several years, although the colour does fade gradually over time.

Lip gloss lipstick and lip pencil can all be applied over a healed lip procedure, therefore giving you the ability to change the colour, for example evening make up.

The idea of lip blush is generally to fill out and regulate the shape of natural lips, before the pigment is implanted in the skin, a lip liner is used to draw on a perfect full shape, it does not look unnatural but enhances the natural lip shape.

Because the shape of the natural brow is used, the tattoo to a great extent is placed where natural brows would be, therefore this will not occur.

The pigment remains in the skin for several years but fades over time.

I do not recommend shaving off existing eyebrows, the hair will help determine the shape of the make up, I do however pluck any stray hairs outside the tattoo.

Skin colour and underlying tones are taken into consideration when determining the pigment to be use.  It’s equally effective on both types of skin.

Because the shape of the eyebrows lips etc. are drawn on, and the pigment carefully selected, there should be no surprises.

I always recommend that the treated area is covered whilst using sunbeds as the UV will fade the make up.  A high factor sunscreen should be worn whilst sunbathing.  Both should be avoided for one week or so after the procedure.

Yes the colour or shape can be changed.

A healing balm is applied to the treated area after the procedure, aftercare advice is given which includes keeping the area dry and clean for a few days until the tattoo is healed.

Swelling and redness normally settles down within an hour of receiving the treatment.

An in depth consultation regarding shape, colour, and expectations is done prior to the procedure, however i am more than happy to do a separate consultation on request, this is free of charge.

You may feel a slight scratching feeling , but this is minimised due to local anaesthetic.