Permanent Make Up Services

Today there’s no reason to not look permanently beautiful, each and every day.

Permanent Eyebrows


Wake up each morning looking good, without the need to apply eyebrow pencil, Ideal for sporty active people, or people who have lost eyebrows through ill health or over plucking. Natural hair stroke eyebrows give a youthful lifted brow effect, by designing a flattering brow shape to complement the client’s natural features.

Lip Liner and Full Lip colour


Busy lifestyle, getting older? Losing fullness or definition, Look years younger with subtle lip redefinition, or full on lustrous lips. All lip procedures are compatible with busy lifestyles as you no longer need to keep reapplying lipstick. This fantastic procedure can help reduce lip bleed.

Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement


Enhance your eyes, with subtle top lash enhancement, either on it`s own or complemented by a lower liner in a choice of beautiful colours, or choose a fine or bold top eyeliner, again, with a choice of colours to flatter your eye colour.

Full Face


Full Face permanent make up allows you to have perfectly applied make up with the minimum of fuss, and achieve a look that will not only look stunning, but also stay that way each and every day.

Breasts / Areola


After breast surgery more and more people are turning to permanent make up, and results are sensational, whether the treatment is designed to simply disguise imperfections such as augmentation scarring, or to construct a completely new areola area.



Alopecia really can be a very traumatic experience, but through permanent make up treatments you’ll soon have your confidence permanently restored with a beauty that allows you to forget the unpredictable nature of the problem.

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