Permanent Make Up For Breast/Areola

Beautifully crafted permanent make up for breasts and areola from a qualified and trusted make-up artist

After breast surgery more and more people are turning to permanent make up, and the results are simply sensational, whether the treatment is designed to simply disguise imperfections such as breast augmentation scarring, or even to construct a completely new areola area.

Permanent make up for your breasts can provide a natural, realistic result, even utilising a 3D effect to create depth with pigments used that closely match the patient’s own nipple/areola area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dependant on the reason for the treatment, there will be little or no sensitivity post treatment.
Breast treatments last for several years.

Breasts Before & After

Case Studies


June had a bilateral mastectomy 19 years ago. At the same time she was given breast implants. The surgery was fabulous, luckily the surgeon gave her a nipple but no areola. June came to me a few months ago to create the illusion of nipples and areolas.

June was delighted this is what she had to say…….

“I had a bi-lateral mastectomy in 1998 by Professor Andrew Baildom, who personally tottooed my nipple and areola area at the end of the reconstruction process which had by now completely faded.

After researching I contacted Jacqui and made an appointment to see her. I was warmly welcomed into her lovely home where my wants and wishes were discussed.

The work was carried out in Jacqui’s treatment room in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere and I have since been back for my top up and completion of the tattooing.

I am delighted with Jacqui’s professional expertise and the care and time taken to get the fabulous outcome that I now have, my nipple and areola area’s now look perfect. Thank you Jacqui for complimenting my surgery so well and making me complete again.”


Caroline had breast cancer 5 years ago, after a single mastectomy reconstruction and breast implants, Caroline surgeon took skin from her back to recreate a nipple and areola. Unfortunately he made it to big and it did not match her natural side, therefore it was decided to tattoo both nipples and make her natural nipple larger and mastectomy side slightly smaller to match. Caroline was delighted with the results, she feels feminine again and her husband thinks the results are amazing.

This is what she had to say….

“I was diagnosed with grade II breast cancer 5 years ago and had a mastectomy on my left side (my bionic side). Although the reconstruction was good my surgeon had given me a very large faux nipple on my bionic side whereas on my right side I had a very small nature nipple. For 5 years no amount of tattooing by the NHS could balance me out and every time I looked in the mirror I felt mutilated and unhappy and was constantly reminded of the cancer.

After visiting Jacqui to have my eyebrows tattooed I discussed with her my “nipple” situation and she suggested tattooing both sides to make them the same size and make me look symmetrical. My husband wasn’t keen but I knew I had to do it for my own sake. As soon as the procedure was complete I immediately felt fab again and 3 days later once the covers had come of my husband said “wow, I sooo get it”. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself and would like to thank Jacqui for all her help, advice and professionalism.”

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