Correctional Permanent Make Up

Beautifully crafted correctional permanent make up from a qualified and trusted make-up artist

There are many talented permanent make up practitioners out there, but there are equally as many bad ones.   Before undergoing any permanent make up treatments, you should always research both the treatment and the practitioner beforehand very thoroughly.

That said, a poor permanent make up treatment doesn’t have to spell total disaster for you, and mistakes can be rectified by a quality practitioner.   Whether you’re needing colour correction and lightening, I’m always on hand to give you the end result you always wanted to begin with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dependant on the original pigment used and the area to be treated, there are several successful ways to remove make up, although it can be time consuming and sometimes painful dependant on the method.
Most areas can be corrected, unless the pigment is totally in the wrong place, then removal is the best option.

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