Full Face Permanent Make Up

Beautifully crafted full face permanent make up from a qualified and trusted make-up artist

Full Face permanent make up allows you to always have perfectly applied make up, defining all of your features with the minimum of effort, ultimately achieving a look that will not only look stunning, but also stay that way each and every day.

Furthermore, your full face treatment can act as a total solution for you –  meaning you never have to reach for your make up bag again – or merely as a starting point to a more glamourous, girl’s night out look when combined with the application of additional make up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I do discount multiple procedures. Contact me for details.
Several years, although colour boost treatments will be required eventually if you wish to keep the colour fresh.
As with all treatments, I take my time, a full face can certainly be done in a day, expect to be with me for four to five hours, this is not all tattooing time, but I like to draw perfect eyebrows and lip.

Full Face Permanent Make Up

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