Permanent Eyeliner / Eyelashes

Beautifully crafted permanent eyeliner and eyelashes from a qualified and trusted make-up artist

Many women struggle each day to get their eyeliner perfect, but you shouldn’t have to.  Permanent eyeliner instantly enhances your eyes, leaving them looking larger, and infinitely more defined without you ever having to worry about smudging or running.  Better still, it doesn’t have to be removed at night.  Your eyes will wake up equally as beautiful as the night before.

And combined with thicker, darker permanent lashes, your whole face will appear transformed, leaving you permanently beautiful, night and day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As with lips, eye treatments last for several years.
It is possible to have permanent eye shadow, although I do not recommend this procedure as fashions change, and as the skin changes over time, the eyeshadow will probably not look that great.
Eyelash enhancement is very natural, as opposed to eyeliner, the pigment is implanted within the lashes, it looks beautiful every time.

Eyes Before & After

More Enhanced Eyes

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