Permanent Lip Liner/Lip Colour

Beautifully crafted permanent lip liner and lip colour from a qualified and trusted make-up artist

This may surprise you, but your lips are the next most noticed feature on your face, after your eyes and they’re often an area that can be ignored whilst you spend hours putting on eyeliner or lashes.   Worse still, over time your lips will become less defined as you begin to lose colour and your natural lip colour begins to lighten, but permanent make up can help.

Permanent lip liners can be applied with subtlety to give more shape to the lip, or applied more boldly for a fuller, more glamorous look.  We can’t all be blessed with the perfect pout, but with permanent lip treatments you’ll get a fabulous result each and every time without undergoing any surgical procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lip procedures do have a very long life, usually several years, although the colour does fade gradually over time.
Lip gloss lipstick and lip pencil can all be applied over a healed lip procedure, therefore giving you the ability to change the colour, for example evening make up.
The idea of lip blush is generally to fill out and regulate the shape of natural lips, before the pigment is implanted in the skin, a lip liner is used to draw on a perfect full shape, it does not look unnatural but enhances the natural lip shape.

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